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The sound absorber designed for easy handling for everyone. Weighing only 4 grams and with extra thumb indentations, it really shines when it comes to handling, wearing and comfort. Can be used in noise levels up to 100 dB


Protection features

  • meets standard EN 352-2
  • 26 decibels insulation – H: 29 dB, M: 22 dB, L: 21 dB
  • ergonomically shaped arms for effective hearing protection directly in the ear canal, not simply resting on the
    outer ear

Comfort features

  • extremely low weight of just 4 grams
  • integrated sound absorbers reduce noise transmission through the band

General features

  • banded ear protector with thumb indentations
  • right and left thumb grip on the bracket makes it easy and quick to handle
  • replacement earplugs for hygienic and cost-effective use



  • 1 pcs of xact-band in a plastic bag
  • 10 plastic bags in a retail box
  • 36 retail boxes in distributor package


Replacement pods

  • 5 pair of replacement pods in a box
  • 50 boxes in a retail / distributor package