Global Dental Trading LTD


A clinical tested special shaped brush stick with fine bristles which removes plaque and food debris gentle and effective between teeth. The fine bristles are impregnated with fluoride and xylitol, which has been proven to give better protection against caries than fluoride alone.


Fine brush fibres

  • remove plaque and food debris between teeth gently and effective
  • contain fluoride to strengthen enamel and xylitol to prevent caries

The stick

  • hooked shape for easy and secure access
  • flat grip, easier to handle even for people with less motor skills
  • polyamide, strong and will not break

In general

  • clinically tested
  • in a smart case, easy to bring
  • made in Sweden


  • 48pcs of GT BrushStics in a case
  • 18 cases in a retail box
  • 36 retail boxes in distributor package


Case with 48pcs of BrushStics